Baltic Fish project’s bream burgers were a hit in Åland

A bream competition and 160 served burgers

Every year in September the great Harvest festival takes place on the Åland Islands. Thousands of people visit the countryside, restaurants, and pop-up-activities.

Rädda Lumparn organised a bream burger competition for three schools in Åland. In the picture is Project Manager Harriet Strandvik. Photo: Therese Andersson.

It is a perfect place to launch the new product created by the Baltic Fish project, minced bream. Before the event, the Rädda Lumparn visited three schools on Åland Islands and inspired teenagers to make hamburgers of minced meat of bream. The most interested were invited to the Pop-up-event and competed on making the most delicious fish burgers.

Emil Olendzki and Vincent Johansson made the best tasting bream burger. Photo: Therese Andersson

A jury of food experts were judging the results and the best tasting burger was made by Emil Olendzki and Vincent Johansson.

This is what the jury said about the winning burger:
The best bream burger was juicy with good texture. It was made 100% of the fantastic product, minced bream. They gave it enough of salt and a good taste of lemon zest. It was well cooked and served with crispy bread. The dressing was home-made, we would have preferred more of it! On top of it, pickled onions which created a perfect balance in the taste of the best fish burger”

Visitors of the Harvest fest were very interested to taste the bream burgers made by chef Fredrik Engström (on the right). Baltic Fish project’s Harriet Strandvik is standing on the left. Photo: Therese Andersson

Besides the competition, the audience had the opportunity to purchase and taste bream burgers made by the chef Fredrik Engström. He was a great inspiration for the teenagers and the audience – he served 160 burgers in three hours.

A video spotlighting Pär the fisherman and Fredrik the chef

The project made a film of the journey of the bream from the Baltic Sea to becoming street food, bream burgers. The aim is to show and illustrate the work that goes behind the food we eat and to spotlight the fisherman’s day. We hope that the video inspires consumers to use bream in the same way as Fredrik: making delicious food of this fantastic and underused resource in their own kitchens.

Visit Rädda Lumparn’s website for more news on the Baltic Fish project in Åland.

The aim of the Baltic Fish project, launched in 2019, is to remove nutrients from the Baltic Sea by creating a market-driven food production chain that makes sustainable use of cyprinid fish, as well as increase the demand for cyprinid fish in Sweden and Åland. The project, co-funded by the Baltic Sea Action Plan Fund, is carried out by Race For The Baltic, Guldhaven Pelagiska, Rädda Lumparn, Ålands Fiskarförbund and the John Nurminen Foundation.