Baltic Sea Municipal Election Panel

Even though the wastewater loads from our cities and industries have been significantly curbed, the status of the Baltic Sea is still not good in many of our marine areas. How can a municipal politician have an impact on the status of the Baltic Sea and the waterways? What can voters demand from their candidates?

Time: Thursday 18 March 2021, 9 – 11:00 am
NB! The event’s language is Finnish.
Location: Teams

In the Baltic Sea panel, we hear from experts and municipal election candidates alike. Their comments will deal with election themes that are most important for the Baltic Sea and our inland waters. At the end of the panel, we will find out what tangible measures, benefitting the Baltic Sea and other waterways, the municipal election candidates and parties intend to promote.

The choices made by municipal decision makers are reflected in the wellbeing of people and the environment. Climate change is making eutrophication and biodiversity loss in the Baltic Sea and in our inland waters considerably worse. This is why climate work conducted by municipalities is highly important also for our waterways. Other key questions include how efficiently the treatment of municipal wastewaters is carried out, and to what extent Baltic Sea-friendly food is favoured in municipal purchasing.

You can send questions to the experts and the candidates beforehand using the registration form or in Twitter, with the hashtag #itämerivaalit.

The John Nurminen Foundation has created a list of waterway protection tips for municipal election candidates; the list is available on the Foundation’s website.


9:00 am Opening remarks: Let’s join forces and work for the diversity of nature and culture
The significance of the environment and culture, to both individuals and society as a whole, is highlighted during crises. The vitality of nature and culture is essential to the wellbeing of us all.
Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, CEO, John Nurminen Foundation

9:10 am Key municipal election themes from a waterway perspective
Theme introductions: Marjukka Porvari, Director of the Clean Baltic Sea projects, John Nurminen Foundation

  1. The key role of municipal wastewaters
    The efficient treatment of municipal wastewaters is a crucial question for the Baltic Sea and our inland waters.

    Commentary: The City of Helsinki as an example
    Mari Heinonen, Director, Wastewater Treatment Division of Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY
  1. The importance of what we eat
    More locally produced fish and vegetarian dishes on the menus of municipal kitchens! This is the easiest way to help the Baltic Sea and the climate.

Commentary: The City of Turku as an example & the Let’s Eat the Baltic Sea Clean! challenge
Nina Brander, challenge coordinator, joined by
Elsa Lempinen, a student from the TSYK upper secondary school in Turku

  1. Waterway perspectives on biogas
    With biogassing, environmentally friendly energy can be created from wastewater sludge and biowaste at municipal treatment plants. However, the nutrients do not disappear with biogassing, which is why it is important to plan the process so that waterway protection perspectives are also taken into account.

    Commentary: City of Mikkeli as an example
    Panu Jouhkimo, Programme Coordinator, Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd
  2. Sustainable zoning in coastal areas
    When municipal construction projects in coastal areas are being planned, it is important to consider the valuable nature of the seaside and the recreational use of the coastal areas.Commentary: City of Kotka as an example
    Markku Hannonen, Director, Urban Planning at City of Kotka
  3. Climate change & the Baltic Sea
    Climate change is making eutrophication and biodiversity loss in the Baltic Sea and in inland waters considerably worse. This is why climate work by municipalities is so important also for waterways.Commentary: Municipality of Ii as an example
    Lauri Rantala, Coordinator, Ii River, Iin Micropolis Ltd

10:00 am Baltic Sea promises from municipal election candidates

10:30 am Questions to municipal election candidates and experts

11:00 am Closing of the event


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