Investing into the Baltic Sea is investing into all of us – Ålandsbanken continues as one of the John Nurminen Foundation’s main supporters

The Baltic Sea is much more than an ecologically sensitive, shallow and vulnerable water area. It provides us with recreational opportunities and experiences. It is a shipping lane, a food basket, a historically significant link with the outside world, and the birthplace of many maritime stories. This is why protecting it is close to many organisations’ hearts; the same applies to Ålandsbanken, whose roots lie in the Åland Islands, in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Donation as part of the bank’s Baltic Sea Project

“Supporting environmental projects has been a part of our operations for more than 20 years,” says Anne-Maria Salonius, head of Ålandsbanken’s Finland Division. “With our Baltic Sea Project, we are looking to improve the state of our neighbouring sea by funding good ideas and increasing awareness. We also want to enable long-term collaboration with some of the leading Baltic Sea operators.”

Ålandsbanken has been one of the main supporters of the John Nurminen Foundation since 2020.  This year, the bank decided to support the foundation’s activities by donating EUR 80,000. The decision was revealed in Ålandsbanken’s corporate responsibility webinar in March of 2021.

It is all right to demand a return on investment

The John Nurminen Foundation’s work is steered by concrete action, impact and measurable results. “We have to be able to tell each of our supporters what we have achieved with their donation,” explains Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, CEO of the foundation. One example of this results-oriented approach are the foundation’s more than 15 completed Clean Baltic Sea projects, through which the foundation, together with various partners, has been able to significantly reduce the sea’s nutrient load.

Ålandsbanken wanted to direct its support to protecting the Baltic Sea and to maritime culture activities. “It is wonderful to continue our collaboration with Ålandsbanken, which has used its financial sector expertise and creativity to benefit the Baltic Sea very fruitfully, in diverse ways. We are proud and happy to collaborate with Ålandsbanken and to receive the bank’s support for the Baltic Sea and its heritage,” says Arrakoski-Engardt. “It is wonderful that the Baltic Sea has friends.”

Further information:

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John Nurminen Foundation
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Tel. +358 400 477 878

Crista Hietala
Marketing and Communications Manager
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John Nurminen Foundation
The objective of the John Nurminen Foundation, established in 1992, is to ensure the subsistence of the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. The foundation communicates information and produces maritime content, and has received awards for its cultural activities. The foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects take concrete actions to improve the condition of the sea by reducing discharges into the sea and decreasing environmental risks. The foundation’s efforts are led according to measurable outcomes and impact. www.johnnurmisensaatio.fi

Ålandsbanken, established in the Åland Islands in 1919, has grown into a corporation with three subsidiaries and more than 800 employees in Åland, mainland Finland and Sweden. The bank was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange in 1942. It is currently led by CEO Peter Wiklöf. https://www.alandsbanken.fi/