Justice for the Baltic Sea – Collaboration continues between Roschier and the John Nurminen Foundation

The John Nurminen Foundation is known for its impressive efforts on behalf of the Baltic Sea. Finland’s “home sea” means so much more than the yearly onslaught of blue-green algae: speaking of the Baltic Sea, one cannot forget the diverse roles it plays in culture and art, or the fact that it joins together companies working on both of its shores. One example is Roschier, the law firm which operates in Finland and Sweden. For many years already, Roschier has considered it important to support efforts to protect its neighbouring sea.

Corporate and private donations play a key role in the ability of the John Nurminen Foundation to take concrete action in defence of the Baltic Sea’s well-being and cultural heritage. Collaboration between the foundation and Roschier has entered its third year, having started towards the end of 2018.

Maritime culture involves a focus on safety

Preparation, observation, precision and responsibility all form part of good maritime practice, and similarly they should be applied to protecting the Baltic Sea and its heritage. For the John Nurminen Foundation, this means, among other things, updating the contracts that govern various parts of the foundation’s administration, protecting immaterial rights and proactively developing data file descriptions, with the extremely valuable help of legal experts from Roschier.


Roschier has also provided support for the establishment of Yhteinen Perintö Oy, a social enterprise founded by the John Nurminen Foundation and the Finnish Museums Association. In May 2020, the enterprise launched the Digital Museum cultural heritage service, which makes museum experiences available to all visitors from the comfort of their own homes.

Two countries, one shared area of interest

Ami Paanajärvi, the partner in charge of Roschier’s pro bono work, points out Roschier’s presence on both sides of the Baltic: “Restoring the health of the Baltic Sea and fostering its maritime culture matter to us and to our personnel on both shores. The sea does not divide us, it connects us. It is literally the sea we share, so it feels natural and heartening to play a part in protecting it by partnering with an accomplished operator. We have followed the development of the John Nurminen Foundation at close range and are impressed by its achievements.”

Valuable expertise

“With their pro bono work, Roschier’s professionals offer crucial support in avoiding legal pitfalls to the John Nurminen Foundation’s international operations,” explains the foundation’s CEO, Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt. She says that having assistance from reliable experts has been a huge help, for example in setting up large-scale collaboration projects.

Arrakoski-Engardt also points out that for an NGO that relies on donated funds, it is particularly important to focus its resources on achieving the targets stated to donors: “Adhering to proper corporate governance is also essential to ensure transparency. Support from brilliant professionals is financially invaluable in this respect.”

John Nurminen Foundation
The objective of the John Nurminen Foundation, established in 1992, is to ensure the subsistence of the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. The foundation shares knowledge and produces maritime content, and has received awards for its cultural activities. The foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects take concrete actions to improve the condition of the sea, reducing pollutant discharges and decreasing environmental risks. The foundation’s operations are led according to measurable outcomes and achieved impact. www.johnnurmisensaatio.fi

Roschier, Attorneys Ltd.
Roschier is one of the leading law firms in the Nordic region, known especially for its extensive experience in demanding international assignments. The firm’s clients include leading local and international corporations, financial institutions, insurance firms, institutional investors, growth companies, government departments and authorities. Roschier’s environmental programme has received ISO 14001 environmental certification. www.roschier.com

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