LRV Corp. becomes a new supporter of the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea Projects

LRV Corp. and John Nurminen Foundation are starting a partnership supporting the Baltic Sea. LRV engages in protecting the oceans by supporting John Nurminen Foundation´s Clean Baltic Sea- projects and raising awareness of common cosmetic industry practices harming aquatic ecosystems. 

LRV Corp. becomes a new supporter of the Baltic Sea via partnership with John Nurminen Foundation

“Our mission is to enhance the state of the Baltic Sea, and on larger scale to set an example on protecting the Oceans through business operations.” the CEO, Saila Laitinen, states. On a global scale Oceans have become a dumping ground of vast amount of synthetic chemicals which accumulate to the aquatic environment. These chemicals can potentially harm the sensitive marine ecosystems, their inhabitants and functions. Unfortunately, some of the harmful compounds and microparticles, such as microplastics, are released through everyday cosmetic products and their packaging.

LRV´s mission is to be part of the change which alters the conceptions on consuming and creates elegant paths towards a safer and cleaner environment. LRV´s first brand, aie- activism in elegance, supports this idea through high quality cosmetic products made from 100% natural ingredients. The organic ingredients used dissolve quickly in the aquatic ecosystems compared to synthetic ones. In product development and design LRV aims to consider the environment by minimizing product carbon footprint and possible impact on the aquatic systems.

“We have decided to leave the single-use sample packaging out of our production. Sample bags are a common practice in cosmetics, and they may not seem like a big deal until you think about the quantities produced to serve large audiences. These samples create not only unnecessary plastic waste but also waste as general when people rarely use the hole sample if at all. The production of the sample bags creates large carbon footprint and vast amount of small plastic waste that easily ends up in oceans. Also, the plastic used in the bags often ends up in mixed waste although the recycling rate of plastic is high in most countries.” Saila Laitinen describes.

Via the partnership with John Nurminen Foundation LRV donates a percentage to Clean Baltic Sea- projects from the price of every product of aie- activism in elegance. In LRV the partnership is seen as an opportunity to protect the Oceans through concrete actions.