NCC employees pedal up to €4,900 for the Baltic Sea

Siilinjärveläinen rakennusmies Matti Silander pyöräilee työmatkat ympäri vuoden. Työmatka yhteen suuntaan on 22 km. Kuva: NCC.
Matti Silander from Siilinjärvi cycles to work all the year round. The distance one-way is 22 km. Photo: NCC.

During the summer, NCC companies in Finland participated already for the fourth time in the national Kilometrikisa cycling challenge. NCC was committed to donating one hundred euros to the protection of the Baltic Sea for every participant who cycled over 1,000 km. NCC’s team included 105 cyclists, of whom 49 surpassed the 1,000 km threshold. NCC, a Key Supporter of the John Nurminen Foundation Clean Baltic Sea projects, donated the accrued sum of €4,900 to the Foundation’s Clean Sea Fund.


Kilometrikisa, a lighthearted, free competition that is open for all, aims to encourage bicycle commuting and promote everyday cycling. Kilometrikisa took place from 1 May to 22 September 2013. This summer, the number of teams and cyclists participating was higher than ever before.