Oriola to become a new partner of Clean Baltic Sea projects

As a new partner of the John Nurminen Foundation, Oriola will give a significant donation to the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea work that seeks to halt the eutrophication and save the Baltic Sea. This partnership is a part of Oriola’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

The biggest environmental effects of Oriola Group’s business activities are caused by maintenance of its facilities, transporting pharmaceutical products and waste generation. A responsible pharmaceutical company, Oriola seeks to minimise its environmental impact. In addition to the Oriola Group’s own corporate social responsibility efforts, Oriola believes in the power of cooperation in making a difference.

“Environment is one of our four responsibility themes. Our goal is to reduce the aspects that cause environmental impacts in our operations and to engage in meaningful cooperation with partners who are committed to the cause. Donating to the protection of the Baltic Sea seems only natural to us, as using medicines in the right way and discarding any unused medicine in the appropriate manner help to reduce the environmental impact significantly. This is one of the key themes of social responsibility efforts of this industry,” comments Tuula Lehto, Communications Director of Oriola.

Eutrophic Baltic Sea needs protectors

Eutrophication continues to be the main problem of the Baltic Sea. It is due to the excessive phosphorus and nitrogen concentration in the sea. In order to stop its eutrophication and save the Baltic Sea, the nutrient emissions to the sea must be reduced significantly and immediately.

The John Nurminen Foundation has launched more than 30 Clean Baltic Sea projects, 21 of which have already been completed. In the Gulf of Finland alone, foundation has managed to help curb the annual load of soluble phosphorus that causes eutrophication of the sea by approximately 75 per cent.

“Oriola’s support to the Clean Baltic Sea projects is the best Christmas present that you can wish for the Baltic Sea. Our work could not be done without the help of our donors. The blue-green algae disaster last summer reminded us that we still need determined work to help save the Baltic Sea. In our ongoing projects, we seek to reduce the load from agricultural emissions and ease the internal load of the sea,” says Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Secretary General of the John Nurminen Foundation.

“Foundation has accomplished in its projects to introduce efficient treatment to some of the main pollutants causing the emissions to the Gulf of Finland. We are happy with this progress: we have accomplished visible results and lasting environmental effects,” Arrakoski-Engardt continues.

John Nurminen Foundation – Baltic Sea protection and marine culture
Founded in 1992, the purpose of the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage to future generations. The Foundation has been awarded for its work as a communicator of information and producer of marine content. The goal of the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects is to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea with tangible measures that will reduce the load and environmental risks directed at the sea. www.johnnurmisensaatio.fi

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More information:

Tuula Lehto
Communications Director, Oriola
+ 358 40 588 5343 

Erkki Salo
Fundraising Director, John Nurminen Foundation
+358 40 728 1859