Petter Bruncrona and the Baltic Sea

Petter Bruncrona, Chairman of the Board of the Sophie von Julin Foundation, shares his relationship with the Baltic Sea.
Petter Bruncrona

‘Most of my childhood memories involve the sea, excursions, sailing and fishing. I grew up in an environment where the sea became an integral part of my way of life. I continue to fish fairly often, I swim, and I go kayaking. One of my less fond memories takes me back to a summer’s day in Hanko: my friends and I wanted to go swimming, but could not find a place to swim as the sea was completely covered by blue-green algae. In the end, the best location turned out to be in front of gas pumps (!), as the algae there had been stirred by boat traffic.

All of us who live around the Baltic Sea are responsible for the status of the sea, as are all stakeholders, such as the marine traffic sector, who exploit the sea in their business operations. Each and every private individual can make a difference, and influence that status of the sea through their choices and by respecting nature when moving around in the archipelago. A second way to make an impact is to support – according to ability – the organisations and foundations, such as the John Nurminen Foundation or the Baltic Sea Action Group, who work for the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Support granted by the Sophie von Julin Foundation (Bergsrådinnan Sophie Von Julins Stiftelse) focuses on health care and educational activities in Western Uusimaa. In addition to these focus areas, our support can be directed to a wide array of charitable causes. The Baltic Sea, for example, is such an integral part of Western Uusimaa that the Board of Directors of the Foundation was unanimous in its decision to support the Clean Baltic Sea projects of the John Nurminen Foundation.

The short-term added value generated through this support is satisfaction of the mind. As a supporter of the Foundation, we also engage in continuous dialogue which adds to our understanding of the status of the Baltic Sea. It helps us identify new opportunities where we can be of help, and, as a result, strengthens our conviction that the status of the sea can be improved.

Petter Bruncrona
Chairman of the Board of the Sophie von Julin Foundation