Roach fishing for the Local Fishing Project begins

As soon as ice melts away, roach spawning time begins, which means roach fishing is now underway also in the Archipelago Sea. The roach fishing season is relatively short, lasting only 2 to 3 weeks. There is great demand for roach now, so we hope the catches will rise up to expectations!

IMG-20160425-WA0004The John Nurminen Foundation Local Fishing Project’s recruitment period for fishermen for this year closed on 1 March 2016. We received a sufficient number of applications, and cooperation agreements were signed on 16 March 2016. This year, the project will work with seven fishermen/fisher groups, equalling 12 fishermen in total.    The target is to fish approximately 200 tonnes of fish in 2016. The fish will be minced and used to make fish patties and fish fingers.

In 2015, the Foundation launched the Archipelago Sea Local Fishing Project: the objective of this project is to remove a significant amount of nutrients from the Archipelago Sea area by fishing, and to produce ethical, local food for the consumers. The objective of the pilot project is to create a permanent foodstuff chain as well as demand for the cyprinid fish products from both institutional kitchens and consumers.

Read more about the Local Fishing Project here. 
Images: Miina Mäki