Sanoma Group to significantly support John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects

The Sanoma Group and John Nurminen Foundation have signed a three-year agreement on supporting the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects. The agreement will enter into force with immediate effect and includes media visibility in various media owned by the Sanoma Group.

John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects aim to visibly improve the condition of the Baltic Sea on two fronts: by reducing eutrophication and by promoting safety of maritime traffic.

The aim of the eutrophication projects is to reduce the annual phosphorus load of the Baltic Sea by 2,500 tonnes through intensifying the removal of phosphorus from urban wastewaters throughout the entire catchment area of the Baltic Sea. The reduction goal is ambitious; for example, the Finnish national reduction quota under HELCOM’s (Helsinki Commission) Baltic Sea Action Plan is 150 tonnes per year, while the load from vessel sewage over the entire Baltic Sea is about 120 tonnes per year.

The aim of the Foundation’s Tanker Safety project is to significantly reduce the risk of a large-scale oil disaster in the Gulf of Finland. The project is implemented in close cooperation with the key seafaring parties and its aim is to create a new proactive control service for vessel traffic system called ENSI (Enhanced Navigation Support Information).
“John Nurminen Foundation’s operating principle, according to which resources are allocated so they achieve the most positive effect on the environment as cost-effectively as possible, supports Sanoma’s aim and responsibility for a good immediate environment. As a supporter of Clean Baltic Sea projects, Sanoma Group will participate in attaining concrete and verifiable results for the Baltic Sea. This is of particular importance to us because a significant share of Sanoma Group’s customers are located around the Baltic Sea,” says Jaakko Rauramo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sanoma.

Sanoma’s investment has played a large role in the visibility of the Clean Baltic Sea projects ever since their initiation. “This support has ensured that the environmental communications of the Foundation have always been successful and impressive. The three-year grant provides the Foundation with increasingly good opportunities to attain its goals,” says Juha Nurminen, the Chairman of the Board of the John Nurminen Foundation.

Further information:
JOHN NURMINEN FOUNDATION Erik Båsk, Secretary General
erik.bask (at) jnfoundation.fi, +358 40 825 8071