Participation instructions and rules of the sea of memories project.

1. Sea of Memories Project

Sea of Memories is a campaign organised by the John Nurminen Foundation sr (hereinafter “JNS” or “us”); the purpose of the campaign is to collect the most inspirational memories related to the Baltic Sea (“Campaign“). These rules and participation instructions shall be applied to the Campaign (“Terms of Participation“). Please read the Terms of Participation carefully prior to participating in the Campaign. We withhold the right to alter these Terms of Participation at all times.

2. Who can participate in the Campaign?

If you (“You”) have memories involving the Baltic Sea (“Baltic Sea memory”) which you wish to share with us, you can participate in the Campaign via our web pages. To be able to participate in the Campaign, you must be at least 18 years of age. Those under 18 can participate in the Campaign together with their guardian, with the guardian’s consent. Before prizes are given out or the Baltic Sea memories used, we may request you to confirm this.

3. How can I participate in the Campaign?

We collect Baltic Sea memories with a dedicated form on our website. You can also send Baltic Sea memories to us via email, to the address, or with WhatsApp messages/WhatsApp voice messages to the number +358 50 544 8844, or by sharing your Baltic Sea memory on Instagram, using the hashtag #seaofmemories. We will raffle prizes amongst all Campaign participants. We also intend to organise a multimedia exhibition out of all the Baltic Sea memories that are sent to us. More information on the Campaign and campaign participation is available at

4. Rules of the Campaign

By sending us any kind of materials with the form on our website or using any of the abovementioned communications channels, you approve these Terms of Participation, and are bound by them.  If for any reason you do not accept the Terms of Participation, please do not send us any materials, as participation in the Campaign is not possible if you do not accept the terms of participation.

5. Campaign period and collecting Baltic Sea memories

The Campaign and the collection of Baltic Sea memories begin on 6th April 2020, and the Campaign is in force for the time being. The Baltic Sea memories we receive can comprise of e.g. written text, photographs, videos, or audio interviews. We accept Baltic Sea memories in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Amongst those who have sent us their Baltic Sea memories up to and including 30 June 2020, we will raffle a sailing trip for five, and their plus ones, on the legendary s/y Belmont (prize is worth approximately €250 per person).  The trip will take place in August, at a time separately announced by JNS. If the winner of the prize is unable to join the sailing trip, or the trip needs to be cancelled for reasons, such as weather conditions, beyond JNS’s control, the winners of the sailing trip will receive a gift card to the John Nurminen Foundation’s web store, worth the value of the trip. In addition to the sailing trip, we will raffle out 10 books published by JNS (value of one prize is from €15 to €40). The prizes are drawn on 3 July 2020, and the winners will be notified in person. The winner will be responsible for taxes, if any, related to receiving a prize.

Prior to participating in the Campaign or sending out any materials, please make sure that you have all the necessary rights (including intellectual property rights) to the Baltic Sea memory you send to us, and to any other related materials. With “Intellectual Property Rights”, we here mean all Intellectual Property Rights such as copyright, trademarks, confidential information, other materials and any other industrial and/or copyrights, and applications related to them in any format. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary rights to use the Baltic Sea memory in the Campaign, and to present the Baltic Sea memory in public. If you participate in the Campaign by sending us a photograph, video, or an interview, you must have the prior consent of the persons appearing in the photograph, video, or interview for using the memory for the abovementioned purposes. Moreover, should you participate in the Campaign with a photograph, video or interview taken or conducted by another person, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary rights granted by the person who recorded or created the memory. In the abovementioned cases it is your responsibility to ensure that the person appearing in the memory and/or the person who recorded or created the memory are also familiar with these Terms of Participation, and approve of submitting the memory and their personal data in line with the Terms of Participation.

By sending us a Baltic Sea memory, you confirm that you have all the necessary rights to the Baltic Sea memory as described above, and that the Baltic Sea memory or any related material sent to us by you is not in breach of the Intellectual Property Rights of others. On the condition that JNS without delay informs you of any such claims or demands made to JNS, you are responsible at your own cost for any claims of Intellectual Property Right breaches or other demands involving the Baltic Sea memory by a third party.

6. Exhibition of Baltic Sea memories

From the Baltic Sea memories sent to us, we will select the ones that will be featured in a multimedia exhibition, to be launched on Baltic Sea Day 27 August 2020. We reserve the right to select the Baltic Sea memories featured in the exhibition at our own discretion.  We may contact You separately if we wish to use the Baltic Sea memory sent by you for exhibition purposes or for other purposes in the future. In addition to the exhibition, we may use the Baltic Sea memories also in our other communication channels (including social media).

7. Use of Baltic Sea memories

When you participate in the Campaign by sending us your Baltic Sea memories in the ways described above, you grant JNS the continuous right to use, copy, translate, modify if necessary (by for example creating a summary), develop or share your Baltic Sea memory, and to display it in any format (e.g. digital or physical format). We also reserve the right to use Baltic Sea memories commercially in order to advance the purpose of JNS. You retain all moral rights to your Baltic Sea memory, and whenever we use your Baltic Sea memory, in any connection, we will whenever possible always mention your name or your alias.

8. Processing personal data and protection of privacy

By participating in the Campaign, you give JNS the right to publish your name or your alias in connection with the exhibition created out of Baltic Sea memories, or in our other communications channels (including social media). Your contact information will be saved by the Campaign so it can be used in raffles. We save your personal data in the competition and raffle participant register, maintained by JNS; you can find the Privacy Statement of this register here.

9. Other issues

These Terms of Participation are subject to the laws of Finland, with the exception of their rules on choice of law.

Any disputes related to these Terms of Participation shall be resolved in the Helsinki District Court. However, you always have the right to take legal action or be a defendant in the lower court of your domicile in Finland.

10. Sharing your Baltic Sea memory with our partners

We want to safeguard the cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea by, with your consent, handing the Baltic Sea memories over to the archives of the Finnish Literature Society (“SKS”). SKS will store the materials and make them available to the public, as specified in their tasks. SKS is responsible for promoting, researching, and disseminating information on Finnish culture.

The SKS archives are used by e.g. the Åbo Akademi’s SeaHer research project, which focuses on the experiences, skills and knowhow (environmental heritage) related to the Baltic Sea and the environment on the Finnish coastline.