Online shop

Online shop

Terms of delivery

The terms of delivery apply from 1.12.2019.

The online store is operated and managed by the John Nurminen Foundation. Kirjavälitys Oy is responsible for product logistics. Our products can be ordered from the online store, by e-mail and by phone.

Order confirmation

The customer will receive order confirmation for their order to the given email address immediately after placing the order. If the customer does not receive order confirmation, the order was probably unsuccessful, the provided email address was invalid, or the confirmation email ended up in the junk mail folder. In such cases, please contact our customer service.

Contract creation

A contract is created once the customer has confirmed their order and received order confirmation by email.

Delivery times and methods

Depending on the size of the order, we send shipments to the nearest Posti collection point, to a SmartPOST locker, or directly to your home as a parcel. Possible additional services, subject to a fee, such as delivery to your door or express delivery, are selected when placing an order.

Small shipments are delivered to your home or mailbox along with regular post. If the shipment will not fit through your letterbox/in your mailbox, and no-one is at home to receive the shipment, the postman or postwoman will leave a note of arrival and the parcel will be available for you to collect from the nearest post office.

The customer will receive email notification once the order has been sent. When the parcel arrives, Posti will notify the customer using the email address or telephone number provided or by leaving a delivery notice.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the ordered products. Product availability information is always given along with basic product information. Stocked products are sent 1-3 working days from order placement. For products delivered to Europe, an additional 3-7 working days are added on to the basic delivery time.

For orders that require a parcel, we attempt to send all of the products in a single lot. However, if it appears that the delivery would be delayed, we will send the order in several lots. For international deliveries we send the entire order in a single lot once all of the products in the order have arrived in our warehouse.

We aim to inform the customer as soon as possible if delivery of a product is substantially delayed.

Payment methods

The payment method is selected when placing an order.

All customers can pay for their order in advance. Customers with Danske Bank, Osuuspankki, Nordea, Säästöpankki, POP Pankki, Handelsbanken, Aktia, S-Pankki and Ålandsbanken can pay for their orders using their bank’s online banking service when placing the order. Credit card payment is possible for Paypal, Mobilepay, MasterCard, VISA and VISA Electron customers who have enabled the online payment feature for their card (more detailed information on using this feature is available from your bank).

Online payments and credit card payments are paid via banks or Paytrail. The John Nurminen Foundation does not store or obtain information about customers’ account details. If a customer returns a product and provides their account number, the John Nurminen Foundation will process the customer’s account number in order to refund money to the customer.

Gift cards and discount codes

Gift cards can be used as a payment method in our online store. Gift cards cannot be used to pay for delivery methods. You can use a gift card by entering the card’s code during the shopping cart ordering stage.

Discount codes entitle you to a promotional discount on specific products. Discount codes cannot be used if the customer already has separately agreed discount terms. You can use a discount code by entering the code during the shopping cart ordering stage.


Products are sold at the prices given on the online store at the time of order placement. The John Nurminen Foundation reserves the right to refuse to sell a product that has been updated to the online store substantially incorrectly due to technical or human error. In such cases, general contractual principles apply. The John Nurminen Foundation will contact the customer before the order is processed and it will be possible to cancel the purchase.

Return policy and order cancellation

Customers have the right to cancel all or part of their order prior to delivery and within 14 days of receiving the goods. The customer must notify the seller of order cancellation in accordance with these instructions.

If the customer cancels the order within the 14-day cancellation period, they must return the goods received no later than 14 days after submitting notification of order cancellation.

The product to be returned must be in the same condition as when it was received, sellable and unused. Products should be carefully inspected and not unnecessarily opened. The customer is responsible for any depreciation in the value of the product.

The John Nurminen Foundation does not accept returns sent after the cancellation period or returns for which no cancellation notice was submitted. If an unwarranted refund is sent using the John Nurminen Foundation’s customer returns agreement, we will charge the costs incurred for the unwarranted return in full.

Refund of money paid by the customer

The John Nurminen Foundation will refund the customer if they cancel their order in part or in full before it is sent or if they return the product during the exchange and returns period. Refunds are paid by the John Nurminen Foundation by bank transfer.


Complaints about products which are defective or were incorrectly delivered should be sent to our customer service without delay. We aim primarily to correct the mistake by delivering a correct, flawless product and secondarily by agreeing to reduction in price or by cancelling the purchase.


We do not sell products to persons who repeatedly return the products they have ordered or otherwise misuse the services we provide.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the delivery address they provide. The delivery address accurately list the customer’s name as it appears on the door, the street address and postal area.

If the customer provides an incorrect delivery address and Posti or another mail carrier returns the delivery to the sender in accordance with their terms of delivery, the John Nurminen Foundation will charge the customer for shipping and freight, including costs incurred (shipping and return charges).

The Foundation’s liability and limitations of liability

The John Nurminen Foundation is not responsible for delivery days outside of its scope of influence; the delivery time indicated on the website is an estimate.

The John Nurminen Foundation reserves the right to change its terms of delivery without notification.

The John Nurminen Foundation operates according to good trading practices and complies with Finnish law. Disputes between the customer and the John Nurminen Foundation are settled in the Helsinki District Court.

Please contact customer service with any questions and feedback relating to our operations.

Force majeure

The John Nurminen Foundation shall not be liable for failure to deliver or delivery delays if the reason is outside of the John Nurminen Foundation’s scope of influence, such as inclement weather conditions, natural disaster, war, accident, import or export embargo, a decision issued by a public authority, disruption or prevention of transport or energy supply, industrial action or other equivalent occurrence that disrupts the John Nurminen Foundation’s operations or those of a previous sales portal.

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