Support the John Nurminen Foundation Clean Baltic Sea projects with microdonations

The John Nurminen Foundation and Nordea Bank Finland have signed an agreement covering Nordea’s support to the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects, both through financial support and by donating expert resources.

According to the agreement, Nordea will offer its ePiggy service in support of the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects. With the service, Nordea’s Finnish private customers can make a microdonation to the John Nurminen Foundation Clean Baltic Sea projects when making payments with their debit cards. Customers can choose a fixed sum that is donated to the Clean Sea fund whenever debit card purchases are made. The sum can range from one to three, five, or ten euros per card purchase, or consist of the final amount of the card purchase being rounded up to the nearest euro, five euros, or ten euros.

The agreement also specifies that Nordea will add the Foundation’s logo to its card image offering. For each ordered card, the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects receive a sum of three euros as marketing compensation. Nordea provides these services to the clean Baltic Sea projects on an at cost basis, and will not benefit financially from the agreement. In addition to providing financial support, Nordea promotes the Clean Baltic Sea projects in its own marketing and communications channels.

The term of the agreement is one year, covering the bank’s operations in Finland. While the co-operation is ongoing, the parties will assess also other forms of co-operation.

Juha Nurminen, Chairman of the John Nurminen Foundation Board, says: ‘We are extremely pleased that Nordea has chosen to partner with us in the protection of the Baltic Sea. Through this co-operation, the message of the alarming status of the Baltic Sea and the concrete and cost-efficient measures that are needed to improve it reach Nordea’s clientele. We hope the co-operation will help us engage new supporters for our Clean Baltic Sea projects.’

Liisa Jauri, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nordea, comments: ‘Protection of the Baltic sea is an important part of Nordea’s corporate social responsibility activities. Our target is to do our share in the creation of a sustainable future for the coming generations. This is why the Baltic Sea is important to us and to our customers. Microsaving, when linked to the use of debit cards, is an easy way to participate in the effort for saving the Baltic Sea. We hope to see small streams merging to become a big river.’

The Clean Baltic Sea projects of the John Nurminen Foundation improve the status of the Baltic Sea. The target of the Foundation’s eutrophication projects is to reduce annual phosphorus loads by 2,500 tonnes by the year 2015. This corresponds to a sixth of the 15,000 annual phosphorus reduction target defined by HELCOM. The Tanker Safety project aims at reducing the risk of oil spills with the introduction, to be implemented in 2013, of the new, enhanced navigation support information system ENSI for all tankers sailing the Baltic Sea. The operations of the Foundation are funded exclusively with donations.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Båsk
Secretary General
John Nurminen Foundation
tel. +358 40 825 8071

Tuula Putkinen
Communications Manager
John Nurminen Foundation
tel. +358 400 907 809