The Horizon work of art is being built piece by piece – you still have time to join


The joint campaign between the John Nurminen Foundation and the City of Helsinki continues. The campaign aims to raise roughly EUR 210,000 before expenses. The net profit of the campaign will be directed for the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects, which work for the reduction of eutrophication-inducing phosphorus in the Baltic Sea.

The next ”gleams” will be installed in November.

Photo by Max Edin. Building the Horizon. The ”gleam” plates 339-1352 were installed in the beginning of September. When ready, the length of the Horizon work of art will be 54 metres, corresponding to the average depth of the Baltic Sea. With this, designer Hannu Kähönen wanted to illustrate the vulnerability of the Baltic Sea.

Participate – or give a “gleam” for present

Donate 50 euros at www.cleanbalticsea.fi or www.tallshipsraceshelsinki.fi/lahjoitus.

Horisontti_syyskuu2013_netti-uutisetThe donator’s name will be engraved into steal plates, i.e. “gleams”, which will form the Horizon work of art in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. Designated “gleams” can also be given as presents.

Upon making the donation, the donator can also print a present card with the “gleam” number on it.

The Horizon will fit altogether 4,225 gleams. The campaign continues until all “gleams” have been added to the work of art.