The John Nurminen Foundation Annual Report wins the Transparency Award

Palkinnon vastaanotto
Pictured are panel chairman Matti Honkala, and to his left Tuula Putkinen and Maija Salmiovirta from the Foundation, and Merja Lindh from PwC

The Foundation’s Annual Report and Report on Operations 2012 won the PwC Transparency Award series for large associations and foundations. Its merits included a comprehensive presentation of the Foundation’s operations and impact, and the description of the supporters and partners of the Clean Baltic Sea projects, including received voluntary effort. The report’s striking layout was also praised.
The winner was selected by an external and independent panel, consisting of panel members Raimo Hakola, Matti Honkala, Johannes Koroma, Heikki Lehmusto, Leena Niemistö and Henry Wiklund.