The kindergarten Punavuoren Ankkalampi celebrates Father’s Day in a new way: Fathers & children enjoy the outdoors and participate in a benefit walk for the Clean Baltic Sea campaign

Uutinen2013-ankkalampi-isanpaiva‘We are saying goodbye to the traditional offerings of coffee and home-baked buns. This time, we will do good together, so be sure to wear what the weather demands and join the children in an outdoors activity for a cleaner Baltic Sea!’

These thoughts were expressed at the Ankkalampi team meeting when planning how to celebrate Father’s Day at the kindergarten.

The idea of a benefit walk was engendered: fathers and children could enjoy the outdoors together in the familiar environment of the kindergarten, right by the Kaivopuisto shore and in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea. The euros reserved for a traditional breakfast and gifts will this time be donated to the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea campaign; at the same time, our name will be immortalised in the Horizon work of art in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. When the children are a bit older, they can go and admire the gleam, confirming that you can begin making a change already when you are very small!

For more information, please contact
Heidi Ruhala, Managing Director


*What good things can the Clean Baltic Sea campaign achieve?
The goal of the Clean Baltic Sea projects is to reduce the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea by reducing the Sea’s annual phosphorus load, and to improve the safety of tanker traffic in the Gulf of Finland.

The work of art comprises of ‘gleams’, i.e. steel plates bearing the name of the donor: in time, one of them will have the inscription Punavuoren Ankkalampi – Ankdammen i Rödbergen! The size of a plate is approximately 6 x 15 cm, and the number of ‘gleams’ has been restricted to 4,225 pcs.