Third part of gleams have now been installed in Jätkäsaarenlaituri

Horisontti-asennuskuva-uutinen2013The gleams with numbers 1,353 to 1,859 have now been installed in the Horizon work of art in Jätkäsaari pier.

This John Nurminen Foundation and Baltic Sea Challenge joint campaign will continue until all 4,225 donations have been made. The next new ‘gleams’ will be installed in the artwork most probably during week 51. The preliminary installation schedule for 2014 will be communicated after the turn of the year.

The ‘gleams’ for donations made by 19 November 2013 will make it to the batch that is installed before Christmas. When you donate in the name of another person, our Christmas campaign allows you to print out a Christmas-themed gift card for the recipient from the donation platform.

Participate or give a ‘gleam’ as a gift

Make a donation of €50 at www.puhdasitameri.fi

The names of the donors will be engraved to steel plates or ‘gleams’ which comprise the Horizon work of art at Jätkäsaari pier, Helsinki. The length of the Horizon will be 54 m, corresponding to the average depth of the Baltic Sea.