Tommi Juusela appointed to the Board of the John Nurminen Foundation

In the September meeting of the John Nurminen Foundation Board of Directors, a new member, Tommi Juusela, Master of Laws, LL.M. (Columbia University) was appointed to the Board. Juusela began working with the Board in October 2019.

Tommi Juusela is currently a member of various Boards of Directors, and also works as an advisor in family-owned and start-up companies in particular. Juusela has a strong background in sales, change management, and strategy work leadership positions. In 2014–2018, Tommi Juusela worked at Neste, taking on various managerial positions in fossil and renewable fuel sales and service development.  In 2004–2014, Juusela worked at Nokia, where he was responsible e.g. for the sales channel for global operator customers, and, prior to that, worked as a strategy and change management lead for the corporate and business unit levels. Juusela’s career began at a law firm in New York and London, where he specialized in business acquisitions and financing. In addition to his legal studies, Juusela holds a Diploma in Management from IMD in Switzerland.

Juha Nurminen, the Chair of the Board of Directors, welcomes Juusela to the Board: “In the past five years, our almost 30-year-old Foundation has grown and developed immensely. Even though we have achieved amazing results and made enormous progress in the areas of marine culture and Baltic Sea protection, our work is cut out for us for decades to come. Climate change accelerates the environmental problems faced by the Baltic Sea, leading to the fragmentation of information and cultural understanding. Tommi Juusela brings us highly valuable business and strategy know-how acquired through his work experience, and environmental points of view accrued during his arctic expeditions. These will come in handy when we continue to hone and scale our operations for the coming decade, and ensure that we bring added value not only to Finnish society, but also on the European and global levels.”

Current board members who continue with the Board are Eeva Ahdekivi, DBA, Jukka Anteroinen, Dr. Mil. Sc., Commodore, Juho Lipsanen, M.Sc. (Econ.), maritime counsellor Juha Nurminen (Chair), Kaisa Olkkonen, LL.M., Markku Ollikainen, professor, Per-Edvin Persson, professor, Marja-Leena Rinkineva, LL.M. (with court training), eMBA, and Hannu Syrjänen, M.Sc. (Econ.), (vice chair).

Further information:

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Tuula Putkinen
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