Winner of “The nature photo of the year 2010” award donated to the Clean Baltic Sea projects

Pekka Tuuri, who lives in Espoo, has been awarded with “The nature photo of the year 2010” award for his photo “Towards light”. Having received the award for his picture showing underwater water-lily, Tuuri donated 2000 euros of the award for John Nurminen Foundation Clean Baltic Sea projects.

Tuuri, whose hobbies include sailing and diving, wanted to donate a significant sum of the total award, 5000 euros, for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The decision to donate the money to John Nurminen Foundation was easy. “Clean Baltic Sea projects combine concrete action, cost efficiency and co-operation cross borders in a way that appeals to me,” says Tuuri. He calls for more international approach for projects around the Baltic Sea, plus clear focus on projects that can show real, significant improvement and results.

The most striking and commonly used example to describe the critical state of the Baltic Sea have been the blue algae blossoms that cover vast sea areas. As a diver, Pekka Tuuri also has an underwater perspective for this. He says that water suffering from eutrophication is typically greenish and turbid, visibility is low, algae that thrives on nutrient-rich water dominates, and at places sea bottom is dead, suffering from lack of oxygen. Above water, it would be as if you couldn’t really see around you, there would be slimy threads hanging from the trees, and the ground would be covered with a mouldy substance.

Tuuri says it’s important that everyone who’s interested in improving the state of the Baltic Sea can make a difference. What matters is that decisions makers get the message – this is the way we can make big things happen. It is equally important to go on believing that individuals and their actions matter. Small deeds add up to bigger ones – and we can reduce eutrophication as long as enough people contribute.