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Protect the sea in your daily life

Each one of us can help the Baltic Sea – even the small things matter if many chooses to take part. Sustainable way of life is also beneficial for the Baltic Sea.

merenpohja auringonsäteissä

The 10 most beneficial tips for protecting the Baltic Sea:

nainen syömässä rannalla

1. Diet

Eat sustainably caught fish (bream, roach, herring, tench or perch) twice a week instead of meat meals. Reduce dairy products and favor vegetarian meals.

kädet viikkaavat vaatteita

2. Consumption

Buy less, recycle and repair. Avoid disposable products.

ihminen pyöräilee rantatiellä

3. Travelling

Take your holiday close by. Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation as often as possible.

ihminen rannalla menossa uimaan jäiseen veteen

4. Detergents

Avoid unnecessary chemicals and plastics in everyday life. Prefer eco-labelled products and detergents.

ihminen roskapussin kanssa

5. Waste

Sort waste correctly and collect garbage and cigarette butts in the trash.

medusoja itämeressä

6. Medicin

Take all old medicines to the pharmacy. Avoid pain gels with diclofenac.

purjeveneen keula ja rantakallioita

7. Boating

When boating, empty the septic tank ashore. Don’t pee in the water.

Myrskyävä meri

8. Energy

Choose renewable energy and use electricity sparingly.

punainen mökki meren rannalla

9. Cottage

Choose a composting dry toilet for the cottage.

10. Also encourage your friends to help the Baltic Sea!

neljä nuorta piknikillä rantakalliolla

The Baltic Sea needs your help.
It’s not yet too late to save the sea.