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Help save the Baltic Sea

How can a country with the world’s happiest people and the cleanest air have such a polluted sea? You have the opportunity to help the Baltic Sea.

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Choose a donation method

One-time donation

Donate using Paytrail payment methods (ie. online bank service & credit card). By donating, you help save the Baltic Sea and it’s heritage for future generations.

Save a piece of the Baltic Sea

Choose a sea area that is important to you or your loved one and save it as a present or for your self.

Bank transfer

Donate your chosen amount directly to the foundation’s fundraising account

Recipient: John Nurminen Foundation
Account number: FI06 1214 3000 1122 96.

How will my donation be used?

Protection of marine nature

John Nurminen Foundation does concrete work to save the Baltic Sea. The foundation’s projects improve the condition of the Baltic Sea by reducing the load of nutrients on the sea and environmental risks.

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Increasing awareness of the Baltic Sea

We want to tell the story of the sea: the sea that acts as a bridge to the world for us. Making the story of the sea and its history known is important, because at the same time we learn to understand why our unique Baltic Sea must be protected.

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Influence in society

Social activities can influence the well-being of the Baltic Sea. You can make an impact by voting, contacting the representatives of parliament and decision-makers in your area, and inspire your social circle to do the same.

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Save the Baltic Sea in your daily life