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Patron of the Foundation

Greetings from the President of the Republic of Finland

The Baltic Sea is our unique home sea and we must safeguard its health. The Baltic Sea is not well. Blue-green algae blooms in the summer indicate excessive eutrophication. At the same time, climate change and biodiversity loss further weaken the marine environment. Protecting the Baltic Sea is not just our responsibility – it is the rational thing to do both economically and for the sake of Finland’s image as a country.

For over 30 years, the John Nurminen Foundation has been engaging in successful work to save the sea. It is important to continue this work. Without protective measures, the sea would be in an even weaker condition. However, we cannot rely solely on individual organisations or even governments to shoulder the responsibility for saving the sea. We must all do our part. When all of us work together to save the Baltic Sea, taking actions both big and small, future generations will also have the opportunity to enjoy and swim in the ecologically and culturally diverse Baltic Sea.

Alexander Stubb
President of the Republic of Finland
Patron of the John Nurminen Foundation

Photo: Jussi Ratilainen, Office of the President of the Republic