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Fundraising permit –
National Police Board of Finland

Permit given to: John Nurminen Foundation
Permit number and date of issue: RA/2021/1341, 15.10.2021
Time and geographical area: starting from 1.1.2022, whole Finland excluding Åland

What the funds are raised for:

The purpose of the collection is to accrue funds for operations that increase awareness of seafaring, exploration, and cartography; enable the more extensive utilization of our cultural heritage; and, as a consequence, contribute to digital development in the field of culture. A second purpose of the collection is to promote improvement in the status of the Baltic Sea through measures that reduce the Sea’s nutrient load, and to tackle other environmental problems of the Baltic Sea by e.g. providing support to various projects.

Accrued funds are used to increase awareness of seafaring, exploration, and the history of cartography through activities such as visitor groups, publications, exhibitions and other such operations, and through cultural projects which, in cooperation with other stakeholders active in the field of culture, pilot and facilitate new operational models and channels. The projects pass our cultural heritage on to everyone, and bring together stakeholders from various sectors.

With the Clean Baltic Sea projects, the Foundation’s operations focus on the concrete and cost-efficient projects the Foundation implements throughout the catchment area of the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the Foundation aims at, for its part, increasing the awareness of the general public on the importance and urgency of the protection of the Baltic Sea.

The funds are used to raise awareness of maritime culture, safeguard our cultural heritage, and cover the costs of measures that improve the status of the Baltic Sea, including salary and travel costs, expert services, and investments. Funds accrued for the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects can, for example, improve phosphorus removal from municipal wastewaters in the Baltic Sea’s catchment area.

Collected funds can also be used directly to cover the costs of premises, tools, materials and other operational expenses that are linked to the aforementioned purposes.


Permit given to: John Nurmisen Säätiö / John Nurminens Stiftelse
Permit number and date of issue: ÅLR/2023/8710, 7.11.2023
Time and geographical area: 1.1.2024 – 31.12.2024, landskapet Åland

What the funds are raised for: To promote the improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea with measures that reduce nutritional stress and to address other environmental problems in the Baltic Sea, for example by supporting various projects, and to make the Baltic Sea’s significant cultural heritage known to both experts and the general public.