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Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea

Explore the Baltic Sea, its unique characteristics and the reasons why it is necessary to protect the sea and its heritage.

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Baltic Sea Facts

The special characteristics of the Baltic Sea, including low salinity, shallowness and low total volume of water, make the sea vulnerable.

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The Sub-areas of the Baltic Sea

The characteristics of sea, such as water temperature and salinity, vary between the sub-areas of the Baltic Sea.

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Conservation of the Baltic Sea

Our goal is a living and ecologically healthy Baltic Sea. Conservation requires international cooperation.

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Eutrophication is the most serious environmental problem in the Baltic Sea. Eutrophication is caused by the overload of nutrients. Nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, feed algal growth in the sea.

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Climate Change and the Baltic Sea

Global warming affects underwater nature in many ways and it further accelerates the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

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Maritime Traffic

The Baltic Sea is one of the most heavily trafficked seas in the world while it also has one of the most challenging environments to operate in.

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Maritime Story of the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea and the way of living in the area unite the 9 countries surrounding the sea. The history of the Baltic Sea is connected to merchandise and marine traffic.