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We Save the Baltic Sea
and its Heritage

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Vedenalainen maisema ja auringonsäteet

HELCOM: The State of the Baltic Sea Remains Worrying

The Baltic Sea still needs our help. Assessing the environmental state is important in order to know how protection measures are working.

No more tall oil discharges

All tall oil operators in Finland have committed to preventing tall oil from ending up in the Baltic Sea with tank washing water.

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About the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is characterized by low salinity and shallowness. Eutrophication is its most serious environmental problem.

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With your help, we save the Baltic Sea

Donations enable us to protect the marine nature and communicate why the sea matters.

News and Events

About us and the Baltic Sea

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Our Story

Our mission is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.

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We work with a wide range of partners, both in Finland and internationally, in order to save the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea facts

Dive into the Baltic Sea. Get to know the characteristics and challenges of the sea and why it is vital to protect it.