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Our Results

Since 1992, we have taken significant and efficient measures to save the Baltic Sea. This requires reducing eutrophication of the sea, protecting the marine environment and raising public awareness of the importance of the sea.

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We protect marine nature

  • 75% reduction in phosphorus load in the Gulf of Finland since 2005
  • 34 of 43 marine environment projects completed
  • Permanent domestic market and value chain for cyprinid fish products
  • Emissions of tall oil from tall oil tankers unloading their cargo in Finnish ports will not end up in the Baltic Sea from 2023 onwards
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We increase awareness of the Baltic Sea

  • 49 published books
  • Museum collection of 200 objects in Helsinki
  • The most significant private collection of old nautical charts of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe
  • Baltic Sea Day celebrations in nearly all countries bordering the Baltic Sea
  • 2,000 school-age children reached during school visits organised in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Ambassadors of the Finnish Nature Association
  • Baltic Sea Calculator to help citizens understand their footprint on the Baltic Sea
  • 4 Tieto-Finlandia nominations and the Fordham Award

We influence political

  • Policy recommendations for the nutrient management of biogas plants
  • The inclusion of gypsum treatment in national water protection measures
  • The Government Programme for 2023-2027 lists measures to save the Baltic Sea
  • Cooperation with European marine protection foundations in plantings of the common eelgrass
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We publish reports twice a year on the progress of our projects and measures to save the Baltic Sea.

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Our work

What do we do to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage?