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Save a piece

Help save the Baltic Sea. Select a location that is meaningful to you
or save a piece of the sea as an intangible gift to a loved one.

Team donation

Start your own Baltic Sea team and challenge others to collect your team’s donation pot. You can create a team, for example, for an event, an anniversary fundraiser, or a corporate donation.

Punainen mökki saaristossa ja lapsi kalliolla onkivapa käsissään
Photo: Pekka Tuuri

Other donation methods

If saving your own piece doesn’t seem like a suitable way for you to participate in saving the Baltic Sea, check out other ways of donating. For example, you can become a monthly donor, make a one-time donation or organize an anniversary collection in honor of your birthday.

Mies hyppää uimaan
Photo: Ilkka Vuorinen