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Save a piece

Help save the Baltic Sea. Select a location that is meaningful to you
or save a piece of the sea as an intangible gift to a loved one.


Start by selecting the maritime area you desire on the map. You can zoom in on the map for a closer view. Saving a piece is a symbolic way to help in the protection of the Baltic Sea. Donation funds are directed towards the entire foundation’s efforts to save the Baltic Sea.


Choose the donation amount and fill in your details. After choosing a piece, you can add your donation to an existing team or create your own donation team. Your donation is visible on the map for 12 months at a time.


If you wish, you can receive a printable diploma for your donation. You can select the diploma after completing the payment.

Team donation

Start your own Baltic Sea team and challenge others to collect your team’s donation pot. You can create a team, for example, for an event, an anniversary fundraiser, or a corporate donation.

Punainen mökki saaristossa ja lapsi kalliolla onkivapa käsissään
Photo: Pekka Tuuri

Other donation methods

If saving your own piece doesn’t seem like a suitable way for you to participate in saving the Baltic Sea, check out other ways of donating. For example, you can become a monthly donor, make a one-time donation or organize an anniversary collection in honor of your birthday.

Mies hyppää uimaan
Photo: Ilkka Vuorinen