For Companies

Protecting the Baltic Sea and its heritage is today’s way of doing environmental work and implementing corporate responsibility. By supporting the John Nurminen Foundation, your company joins us in our concrete and impactful work to protect the Baltic Sea and to ensure that the stories of the sea are passed on to future generations. Find out more about the many ways in which you can participate in our work.

Stories of Cooperation

“Tove Jansson created the Moomin stories in the Pellinge archipelago, inspired by the beauty and power of the sea. She loved the sea, like we all do, Moomintroll included. We want to take care of the sea and do everything we can to protect it. People are already doing amazing work for the future of the Baltic Sea, and we want to join this effort and also inspire as many people and different organisations as possible to join.”

Sophia Jansson

Creative Director and Chairman of the Board, Moomin Characters

”For Makia, nature and the sea are a part of our identity as well as a source of inspiration when we design our collections. For us, supporting the John Nurminen Foundation in their work for the Baltic Sea is something that is particularly close to our hearts.”

Joni Malmi

Brand Director, Makia

”For years, we have supported initiatives that are important to society. Now, it is the turn of the Baltic Sea. With the concrete efforts of the John Nurminen Foundation, we have achieved visible results in curbing the most difficult environmental problem faced by the Baltic Sea. We want to do our share of the work that makes a difference for the Baltic Sea.”

Timo Lappalainen

President and CEO, Orion Corporation

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