Corporate Cooperation

For companies, protecting the Baltic Sea is today’s way of doing environmental work and implementing corporate responsibility. By supporting the John Nurminen Foundation, your company joins us in our concrete and impactful work to protect the Baltic Sea and to ensure that the stories of the sea are passed on to future generations. Through cooperation, companies receive information on the Baltic Sea and the measures taken to improve its status, and summaries of Baltic Sea stories. Contact our team and ask for more information.

What Corporate Cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation Offers You

  • As a corporate supporter, you join the work to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage to future generations. Baltic Sea protection is a current and important theme for all Finns and North Europeans. As a corporate supporter, you join the effort to improve the status of the Baltic Sea cost-efficiently, and work with us to pass the stories of the sea on to new generations.
  • As a corporate supporter, you will receive comprehensive information on the operations, results, and expenditure of the John Nurminen Foundation. Our operations are thoroughly presented on our web pages, in our annual report, and in the supporter report send to our sponsors twice a year.
  • As a corporate supporter, the Foundation’s materials bank (with images and other communications content) will be at your disposal, enabling you to use the materials in internal and external communications. Other forms of cooperation (e.g. personnel participation, statements, and news releases) will be separately agreed on. Use of the Foundation’s brand identifiers is also agreed on separately.
  • Depending on the scope of the cooperation, supporting companies can be featured in the communication materials and website of the John Nurminen Foundation. All companies who have donated at least €1,000 are listed on the Foundation’s website. The logos of supporters who have made a donation of more than €5,000 will be added to the Foundation’s website, and with donations of €10,000 or more, the cooperation can be more extensive.
  • Being the Foundation’s main supporter is a long-term commitment, involving a donation of at least €50,000 annually. More extensive forms of cooperation are available to the main supporter, including, for example, hosting the annual Club Itämeri stakeholder event. At the moment, our main supporters are: Sanoma, Supercell, Kotimaan Energia and Orion.

Ways to Support the Work of the John Nurminen Foundation

  • Corporate cooperation as a corporate supporter
  • Monetary donations
  • Marketing and product sales cooperation
  • Pro bono cooperation
  • Donations of machinery and equipment
  • Donations of media space

Making A Donation

For Companies

You can make a donation to the John Nurminen Foundation as a bank transfer, using the following information:

RECIPIENT: John Nurminen Foundation
IBAN number: FI06 1214 3000 1122 96

It is also possible to draw up an invoice for the donation. In such cases, please contact us first.

The donated funds are used to implement concrete and impactful Baltic Sea protection projects, and to pass on the stories of the Baltic Sea to future generations.

Donations can also be targeted to only Baltic Sea protection, or only cultural operations. In such cases, please contact us first.

Companies can also make donations on the Foundation’s web pages. With the donation platform, it is easy to communicate your donation to your stakeholders. By creating a donation team, a company can also invite their customers to become donors, or accrue the team’s total donation over a longer time period. This support method is particularly suitable for smaller but recurrent donations.

Other ways to donate

Marketing and Product Sales Cooperation

Product sale cooperation is a natural way to link the sale of ecological and sustainable products and services to Baltic Sea protection and marine culture.

Marketing and product sales cooperation is always agreed on case by case. The Foundation’s brand identifiers are registered trademarks (including the name, the logo, and identifiers) and they can be used in product sale cooperation upon separate agreement.

Contact us so we can talk more!

Other Forms of Support

Your company or community can participate in Baltic Sea protection work and our marine culture operations also through donations of pro bono work, donations of equipment and machinery, and donations of media space.

Further Information on Corporate Cooperation

Erkki Salo

Erkki Salo

Fundraising Director
+358 (0)40 728 1859
Ari Rytkönen

Ari Rytkönen

Corporate Fundraiser
+358 (0)50 476 8321

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