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For companies, saving the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage is very much today’s way of doing environmental work and implementing corporate responsibility. Whether you see the Baltic Sea as a natural or a cultural environment, both themes are highly significant, and speak to us Finns just as they do to all inhabitants of Northern Europe.

By becoming a John Nurminen Foundation supporter, your company or community joins us in our tangible and impactful work to protect the Baltic Sea and to ensure that the heritage of the sea is passed on to future generations.

Through our cooperation, you will receive information on the Baltic Sea, our measures to improve its status, and summaries of the fascinating stories of the Baltic Sea, and also meet up with people who share the same values. Contact us and ask for more information!

A partnership with the John Nurminen Foundation is a great way to join the work to save the Baltic Sea, and, when you so wish, have your whole team or staff participate as well.

Have you, as an owner or director of your company, considered its strategy, environmental system, or certification? Would you like to implement environmental and corporate responsibility in a way that is practical, and a natural part of your operations? As someone in charge of a product, would you like to see your product group or brand facilitating tangible environmental work and visible results? Would you like to be able to communicate this to your customers? Are you, as a corporate responsibility manager, looking for a Finnish environmental stakeholder to partner with, implementing environmental responsibility measures that bring results?    

As a supporter of the John Nurminen Foundation, you become a highly visible participant in the work to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage to future generations. Baltic Sea protection is a strong, timely and important theme for all Finns and North Europeans. As a corporate partner, you immediately join the effort to improve the status of the Baltic Sea with cost-efficient, targeted measures, and work with us to pass the stories of the sea on to new generations.    

As a corporate partner, you are close to the practical work of the John Nurminen Foundation, and will be comprehensively informed of the Foundation’s operations, results, and use of funds. Information on our operations is available on our web pages, in our annual report, in our newsletters, and in the supporter report sent to our sponsors twice a year.

As a corporate partner, you will also have the Foundation’s extensive media and materials banks at your disposal. From these banks, your communications and marketing activities can obtain Baltic Sea images of the highest quality, videos, supporter materials, ready to use Baltic Sea tips for your social media channels, and supporter banners you can use in emails. The materials can be used both in internal and external communications. Depending on the scope of the cooperation, we can also agree on more comprehensive, tailored forms of cooperation. Such activities could include e.g. personnel participation, a guest speaker from the Foundation at a staff or stakeholder event, or a joint news item or press release on cooperation. We can also agree on the use of the Foundation’s brand identifiers in your company’s corporate responsibility communications, or as a feature of the marketing and product sales cooperation separately agreed for your products/services.

Depending on the scope of the cooperation, corporate supporters can be featured in various ways in the communication materials and on the website of the John Nurminen Foundation. All companies that have made a one-off donation of more than €1,000 will be listed for the period of one year on our website and in the Annual Report for that year. Supporters who have donated more than €5,000 will have their logo on the Foundation’s web site and Annual Report. With Key Partners of the Foundation, i.e. those who have donated €10,000 or more, we can agree separately on even more extensive communications cooperation.

Becoming a Main Partner of the Foundation is a long-term commitment (for three years or indefinitely), and involves a donation of no less than €50,000 annually. With our Main Partners, we can implement tailored, comprehensive modes of cooperation, such as e.g. a tailored joint communications plan, or acting as host at cooperation events. At the moment, our Main Partners are: Supercell, Fortum, Orion, Nokia, Ålandsbanken, Roschier and Sanoma Media Finland.

Select the way to support the work of the John Nurminen Foundation that is best for you:

  • Donate to Baltic Sea protection and work for marine culture
  • Donate through marketing and product sales cooperation
  • Donate your knowhow
  • Donate equipment and machinery for our projects
  • Donate visibility in your media
  • Donate with a rounding up campaign
  • Corporate special occasion donation

Making A Donation

For Companies

You can make a donation to the John Nurminen Foundation as a bank transfer, using the following information:

RECIPIENT: John Nurminen Foundation
IBAN number: FI06 1214 3000 1122 96

It is also possible to draw up an invoice for the donation. In such cases, please contact us first.

The donated funds are used to implement concrete and impactful Baltic Sea protection projects, and to pass on the stories of the Baltic Sea to future generations.

Donations can also be targeted to only Baltic Sea protection, or only cultural operations. In such cases, please contact us first.

Companies can also make donations on the Foundation’s web pages. With the donation platform, it is easy to communicate your donation to your stakeholders. By creating a donation team, a company can also invite their customers to become donors, or accrue the team’s total donation over a longer time period. This support method is particularly suitable for smaller but recurrent donations.

Other ways to donate

Further Information on Corporate Cooperation

Ari Rytkönen

Ari Rytkönen

Corporate Fundraising Manager
+358 (0)50 476 8321
Mari Laakso

Mari Laakso

Corporate fundraiser
+358 (0)50 389 8226

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