Principles of corporate cooperation

For companies, protecting the Baltic Sea and its heritage is today’s way of doing environmental work and implementing corporate responsibility. By supporting the John Nurminen Foundation as our partner, you join us in our tangible and impactful work to protect the Baltic Sea, raise awareness on the Baltic Sea, have an impact on society, and make sure that the stories of the sea are passed on to future generations.

Who do we cooperate with?

The companies and entities we call our partners are from various lines of business, operate responsibly, and want to promote the Baltic Sea and what is best for its heritage.

Support from companies and entities is key for the Foundation to be able to implement tangible measures that bring results in Baltic Sea protection, and safeguard our cultural heritage. We also participate in joint campaigns and networks which make the Foundation better known, and also open up new partnerships. In many of our projects, we implement project-level cooperation with selected companies and stakeholders.

What do we expect from our partners?

We hope that in their own operations, our cooperation partners are committed to the principles of sustainable development. We acknowledge that we all have room for improvement in our operations, and in our societal hand and footprint. Together, we can discuss the impact our businesses have on the Baltic Sea, the environment, and society at large.

In some cases, we engage in a dialogue with our partners in order to better understand the challenges and environmental impacts faced by their industry, e.g. in cases where our partner comes from a line of business where discharges are not significant in terms of the entire marine ecosystem, but can, on the other hand, create a locally harmful environmental impact.

Further Information on Corporate Cooperation

Ari Rytkönen

Ari Rytkönen

Corporate Fundraising Manager
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Mari Laakso

Corporate fundraiser
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