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Birds in the Baltic Sea – An Exhibition of Photographs by Raimo Sundelin

Birds in the Baltic Sea – An Exhibition of Photographs by Raimo Sundelin 

m/s Viking Grace, Arcade-corridor, 11th deck, 15 May – 31 December 2024

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Free exhibition

“Birds, the archipelago’s most lively and vocal group of organisms during spring and summer, return here to nest in their ancient order. So has evolution worked it out.

The nesting season is long. The white-tailed eagle can start already at the end of February, and the mockingbird only in August. Different species have different environmental requirements and nesting strategies. This keeps amazing those who are curious.

The small number of bird species in the Baltic Sea and the unpredictable changes in their populations can be marveled at, and the reasons behind this can be explored. Waterfowl suffers from the eutrophication of the waters, and as the sea changes, the birds are in a hurry to adapt to new conditions. Foreign beasts also effectively tax the eggs of birds nesting on the shores, which results in the nesting success remaining poor.

The birds of the Unique Archipelago bring joy to an observant person. Continuity for the vibrant birdlife also depends on us.”

– Raimo Sundelin

Raimo Sundelin, known as a professional photographer, lighthouse activist and nature lover, has photographed the archipelago during his thousands of nature trips over the decades. An exhibition about birds has been assembled from the photos by Sundelin, which can be explored on m/s Viking Grace or virtually in the Digital Museum. Both exhibitions are free of charge. The digital exhibition is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Harmaahaikara Kuva Raimo Sundelin
A flying gray heron can be easily recognized by its s-shaped neck. Photo: Raimo Sundelin
Kuvassa on tylli-lintu.
Photo: Raimo Sundelin

Raimo Sundelin

Raimo Sundelin is a founding member of the Finnish Lighthouse Society and a member of the Finnish Wildlife Photographers and Professional Nature Photographers. His photos have been featured in several archipelago-themed exhibitions, and he has worked as a photographer in many books about nature photography and the archipelago. Known as an archipelago birdwatcher, Sundelin has been involved in various archipelago conservation projects. During the last fifty years, Sundelin has set off on his photography trips to the archipelago from his home pier in Rauma.

Sundelin’s bilingual photographic work Meren muisti – Havets minne (The Sea’s Memory), published by John Nurminen Foundation, opens a window to islets and beaches as well as their flora and fauna, from individual trees to birds on the edge of the ice. Sundelin has also captured human activity in his photos, from the fire gardens and fish huts of the past to today’s guest marinas. The work shows lighthouse islands and old pilot cabins, as well as maritime signs from cairns to daymarks. The stories of the photographs are enriched by Sundelin’s poetic texts about the seasons and characteristics of the southwestern archipelago nature.

Raimo Sundelin lyhty kädessä veneessä kallioisella merenrannalla