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Gypsum Project on Åland island

Gypsum Project on Åland island

The project, funded by the John Nurminen Foundation and implemented in collaboration with Rädda Lumparn, encourages Åland farmers to try gypsum as a soil conditioner.

To reduce phosphorus and solid material leaching from plots involved in gypsum treatment
The gypsum treatment of the fields has been completed for year 2022
Project partners
Rädda Lumparn ry

The gypsum treatment can help improve the condition of eutrophic waterways. Photo: Alexandra de Haas

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Alexandra de Haas
Rädda Lumparn

The gypsum treatment of the fields effectively cuts phosphorus and solids leaching in agriculture, and the method could help to improve the condition of the eutrophic inland bays on Åland island.

The gypsum experiments will start already in the autumn of 2022 in the fields of two farmers. At the same time, it will be possible to test the applicability of the method in Åland and to raise awareness among farmers, the authorities and the general public about gypsum as an agricultural water protection measure. It is also intended to create a model for the implementation of similar projects in the future. Where possible, the impact of gypsum treatment on soil and runoff water quality will also be monitored.

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