Saving the Baltic Sea and its heritage

Operations that bring results

  • tulokset-6@3x
    Environmental projects completed 33/40
  • tulokset-1@3x
    A reduction of 1,000 tonnes/year in the phosphorus discharges of St. Petersburg
  • tulokset-6@3x
    reduction in the phosphorus load of the Gulf of Finland, achieved through cooperation 75%
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    Innovation award to the Nutribute crowdfunding platform
  • tulokset-2@3x
    ELO Foundation food culture award to the Local Fishing project
  • tulokset-5@3x
    Baltic Sea roach stock management with a catch of 700,000 kg
  • tulokset-7@3x
    5,100 hectares of fields treated with gypsum
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    books published 48
  • tulokset-2@3x
    Four-time nominee for the Finlandia Literary Prize for Non-Fiction
  • tulokset-3@3x
    marine stories in the Loki service more than 1,000
  • tulokset-6@3x
    Navigation service for the prevention of oil disasters

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