Annual Report 2014 now available

John Nurminen Foundation.  Annual Report 2014
John Nurminen Foundation.
Annual Report 2014

The fifth annual report of the Foundation has been published. As before, the annual report includes report on operations and financial statement,  and an overview of current operations.

Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Secretary General about the cultural mission of the Foundation,
“One of the challenges we face is finding the balance between the purpose of the Foundation and the realities of the publishing world. The Foundation’s publication and exhibition activities do not seek to generate profit, but to provide high-quality content that safeguards our marine cultural heritage for the public at large. The expenses of the Foundation’s traditional publication activities, for example, have for many consecutive years been greater than the income from book sales. Even though our work is motivated by love of culture, we need to look for new sources of funding, outside of investment activities, which guarantee the long-term financing of our cultural operations. We also need funding for renewal: we want to distribute marine cultural content via new, modern methods and new channels.”

Juha Nurminen, Chairman of the Board, about Clean Baltic Sea Projects,
“These encouraging results indicate that our protective measures have been efficient. Now we need to ensure the continuity of the work. In a challenging economic situation, it has however become apparent that the protection of the Baltic Sea is in danger of being overshadowed by other issues. We have already identified and prepared projects that, in line with our operating principles, would achieve measurable results cost-efficiently and relatively fast.”

The annual report can be found in the About us section. For a printed version, please contact tuula.putkinen(at)jnfoundation.fi.