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Protecting the Baltic Sea is a Natural Step for Evli on the Way to Becoming a Carbon-Neutral Asset Manager

Protecting the Baltic Sea is a Natural Step for Evli on the Way to Becoming a Carbon-Neutral Asset Manager

Landscape from the Baltic Sea
Photo: Lasse Hendriks

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Mikaela Herrala
Head of Marketing, Communications & Investor Relations
Evli Plc
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Evli is continuing for a third year as a key partner of the John Nurminen Foundation. For Evli, protecting the Baltic Sea is a natural step on the way to becoming a carbon-neutral asset manager.

Cooperation makes concrete actions for the Baltic Sea possible

Evli’s support to the John Nurminen Foundation is allocated to projects that improve the marine environment by reducing the nutrient load and environmental problems in the Baltic Sea. What appeals to Evli in the partnership is that the Foundation is taking concrete and effective action to save the Baltic Sea.

Climate change raises the urgency for Baltic Sea protection

The efforts to save the Baltic Sea started to bite in the 2010s, when it was already safe to say that the Baltic Sea was doing reasonably well. But climate change has thrown a spanner in the works, as its effects are first felt in marine areas. The Baltic Sea is a shallow basin with low volumes of brackish water where the effects of climate change are felt fastest of all marine areas.

“Climate change is compounding all the problems of the Baltic Sea, primarily eutrophication. However, various measures have helped to improve the state of the Baltic Sea, but it is not yet at an ecologically sustainable level. It will take decades of work. Climate change is an effective stimulus to develop and test new measures. The good results we have achieved provide hope,” says Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, CEO of the John Nurminen Foundation.

“Climate change requires cooperation on an unprecedented scale. Different players need to work together across national borders and supply chains, with competitors and customers. The John Nurminen Foundation’s work for the Baltic Sea shows how long-term cooperation can make a difference to our living environment and bring about change. For us it is very important to be part of this collaboration,” says Maunu Lehtimäki, CEO of Evli.

Evli’s goal is to be a carbon neutral asset manager by 2050, and protecting the Baltic Sea is a natural step towards this goal. Responsible business creates long-term added value for investments and keeps Evli competitive in a global environment.

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