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The Baltic Swim

Swimming for a clean, healthy, and prosperous Baltic Sea. This summer, in early June, Gustav Kvikant will set out to complete the longest staged individual swim performed in the Baltic Sea. With a distance spanning approximately 500 km, the swim will begin from Stockholm, Sweden, and end in Helsinki, Finland. The journey is expected to take between 4-6 weeks, with about 4-7 hours spent swimming every day. Together with the John Nurminen Foundation, Gustav is on a mission to raise awareness of the many problems the Baltic Sea faces, whilst fulfilling a dream of swimming from one country to another.

“I’ve been swimming in the Baltic Sea since I was a child, it’s a part of my home. I’ve witnessed firsthand the detrimental development of the Baltic Sea. I want to do something, and the time to act is now. Every stroke swum is for our beloved Baltic Sea.”
- Gustav Kvikant

You can participate by donating to our team or by using MobilePay donation number 77768 (donations done using this number are not visible on the list below).

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The Baltic Swim
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